K-9FTO Supervisor Course



The K-9FTO Supervisor Course is designed for administrators, managers, and supervisors of police K9 units and programs.  This course of training will give you the knowledge and confidence needed to effectively manage, and maintain an efficient and productive K9 program.  K-9FTO prides itself on providing a comprehensive curriculum and training guide course, built on the foundation of many years of law enforcement officer and K-9 training and experiences.

A K9 team is often considered on of the most dangerous positions in law enforcement, and equally, one of the highest liability positions in law enforcement.  K9 unit supervisors are responsible for every facet of the unit, and are equally liable in some cases for the wrong doings of the K9 teams.

Often, many K9 supervisors (appointed or volunteered), do not a have a clear understanding of what their expectations, role and responsibilities really are which can lead to failure of the K9 program after improper utilization incidents in the field, liability and ineffectiveness.

It is imperative that K9 Supervisor receives specialized training in the field they are asked to supervise.  It is equally imperative that the supervisor knows the proper utilization of the K9, training requirements, care, maintenance, and costs are proper, and expected.

Nationwide, a large majority of K9 trainers lack actual law enforcement experience.  In short, this means they lack the perspective needed to effectively train a law enforcement K9 handler, in a manner that will appropriately prioritize the safety of the K9 Team, and minimize liability to the Department.

K-9FTO Supervisor Course will give you the must have training, knowledge and confidence you need.

Listed below are just some of the topics this 24hour Online Course offers:

K-9 Policy and Administrative Maintenance
K-9 Patrol Search Deployment
K-9 Equipment and Maintenance
Vehicle Patrol with K-9
Home Kenneling, Care and Maintenance
Narcotic Training Aid Handling
K-9 Nose Deployment
Explosive Training Aid Handling
K-9 Handler Hazards & Safety
Case Law (8 Sections= 240 pages)
Patrol K-9 Deployment
Patrol, Narcotics, Explosives, Tracking,
K-9 Supervisor Role & Responsibilities
Policy & Supervisor


K-9 FTO Supervisor Course
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There is no formal agreement with enrollment. The tuition is not refundable. The tuition will only be refundable if the student trainee does not meet the for mentioned program criteria. There will be then a deposit, and credit refund, cost of $250.00 deducted, with the remaining tuition reimbursed back to the student in a reasonable amount of time. Once you submit this form, you will be directed to submit payment via PayPal. Once payment is received, your application will be sent to Admissions.

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There is no formal agreement to be signed however, at the completion of the course, the Certified K-9FTO Supervisor will have demonstrated both the understanding of ever-evolving K9 related case law, and the ability to impart that knowledge and its real-world application in police work to their K9 Unit Handler.

The Certified K-9FTO Supervisor also will have demonstrated the ability to serve as a comprehensive resource to their handlers for all things K9, from basic grooming, care and kenneling, to the most advanced tactics and methods expected from a K9 field force.

If you have questions about your enrollment deposit or next steps, please contact Admissions at (925) 997-3122 or email dorn@k9stac.com.


The Program consists of a 24 hour online course and includes an in-depth manual that offers a structured and methodical K-9 supervisor training.  In addition, there are chapter-specific quizzes at the end of each unit that are intended to serve as a re-enforcement of the key points of the unit.  The candidate must complete all examinations with a passing score of at least 75%.


The initial course fee is $399.00, which will give the client access to emails containing current K-9 related legal updates.

K-9FTO Supervisor Course February 8, 2017