K-9FTO Field Training Officer

K-9FTO Field Training Officer Course


The K-9FTO Course curriculum was created and the K-9FTO Field Training Officer program and manuals were created. The goal is not to tell the handler how to train, or tell departments or private professionals where to train or where to get there department K-9’s, because this can very across the state. The goal of this K-9FTO course is to bridge the gap between the academic training and the real street deployment, and add consistency the training of one of the most important parts of the K-9 team and the handler. This type of K-9FTO training along with the manuals and curriculum will help the industry.

Once a trainee-handler has completed this course they should not have any questions in their mind about when, why, and how they are to utilize their department’s K-9 on the street. In-turn this will assist in lowering liability and heighten officer safety.

After the completion of the 40 hour online dourse, the Certified K-9FTO will have demonstrated the understanding of K-9 related case law, and the ability to impart that knowledge and its real-world application in police service work to the handler-trainee.

The K-9FTO will serve as a comprehensive resource to the handler-trainee for all things K-9, from basic grooming and kenneling, to the most advanced tactics and methods expected from a K-9 team in the field.

The K-9FTO course curriculum training manual will be utilized as the K-9FTO mentors, and guides the new K-9 handler through their field training. We recommend 80-hours of field training, it is intended to bridge the gap between the handler’s initial K-9 handler training, and the beginning of their time as an operational, effective K-9 team on the street.



The Candidate / Trainee completes the required course registration form, providing all necessary qualifications, and documentation to meet the K-9FTO criteria.  The candidate-trainee then electronically submits the course registration form along with the course payment.  K-9STAC/K-9FTO reviews the registration, and verifies the candidate-trainees qualifications, experience, and references.

Once K-9STAC / K-9FTO competes the registration process, usually within 2-5 business days they will email the candidate-trainee back a course access Username & Password.

The candidate then starts their course. The course will start with an introduction page, then a purpose page, and then will follow the K-9FTO Course Table of Contents.  The Course is designed so that each chapter must be opened, reviewed, and tested before being able to move onto the next course chapter.  All candidate-trainees must complete and receive a passing score of at least 75% or better to be able to move onto the next course chapter.  Failure to do so on the first attempt at the chapters quiz, the candidate will be advised that they should review the chapter material again, and then the quiz can be taken again.  If fail the second attempt at the chapter quiz, with less the 75% correct answers, the candidate-trainee will be advised to contact K-9STAC/K-9FTO course liaison, before moving forward.  Candidate / Trainees may be dropped from this course if they cannot pass the written quizzes.

After completing the entire K-9FTO course, and obtaining passing scores on all chapter quizzes, the candidate-trainee is now a K-9FTO Certified K-9FTO Field Training Officer.

The newly certified K-9FTO Officer will receive a Certificate of the Course Completion, along with an official K-9FTO Field Training Officer logo patch.

The newly certified K-9FTO Officer will receive will also have full access to download the K-9FTO Course Curriculum Training Manual. The K-9FTO Field Training Officer Course curriculum training manual can then be utilized as they mentor, and guide their agencies new K-9 handlers through an 80-hour field training block of training.  This 80-hour field training block of training is intended to bridge the gap between the handler’s initial K-9 handler-training, and the beginning of their time as an operational, effective K-9 team on the street.

Once the K-9FTO Field Training Officer performs their duties as a K-9FTO of a newly assigned K-9 Handler, they will send that K-9 Handlers information into K-9FTO and that K-9 Handler will receive a certificate of completion of the K-9FTO 80 hour course, along with the opportunity to have access to the K-9FTO legal updates and newsletter systems.


Law Enforcement Registration Form (K-9FTO Field Training Officer)
There is no formal agreement with enrollment. The tuition is not refundable. The tuition will only be refundable if the student trainee does not meet the for mentioned program criteria. There will be then a deposit, and credit refund, cost of $250.00 deducted, with the remaining tuition reimbursed back to the student in a reasonable amount of time. Once you submit this form, you will be directed to submit payment via PayPal. Once payment is received, your application will be sent to Admissions.

We provide Tuition Financial Assistance



After the instructor candidate meets the initial qualifications standards, they are eligible to purchase the K-9FTO Certified Instructor course.  The instructor candidate must be able to provide documentation of their training and qualifications and must provide references to substantiate their experience. The instructor candidate also must have successfully completed a working K-9 handler and/or trainer school, and must be an active K-9 handler with a minimum of (1000) one-thousand documented hours in K-9 related law enforcement training and experience.  The candidate also must be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of working dogs, personnel and the cohesion of the two.

Please complete the enrollment agreement to enroll in the K-9FTO Field Training Officer program.  Paying the enrollment tuition will reserve your place in the program, as your references and other criteria are being confirmed.

If you have questions about your enrollment deposit or next steps, please contact  Admissions at (925) 997-3122 or email dorn@k9stac.com.


The K-9FTO criteria may be met by, any person who has demonstrated through education, training and operational experience, the skills and desire necessary to mentor, guide and instruct new K-9 handlers in all aspects of K-9 handling. The K-9FTO may be expected to coordinate and facilitate additional maintenance training for K-9 handlers pursuant to their agency policies.


  • Continued update training of a minimum of 8 hours mandatory annually through K-9FTO online or seminar trainings.
  • Attend law enforcement and private seminars, conferences and courses to continue training and knowledge in all pertinent disciplines to ensure that the most up-to-date techniques and methodologies are being used, minimum of 24 hours mandatory annually.
  • Participate and / or attend canine competitions and certifications.
  • Certification in human and pet (K-9) First Aid & CPR is highly recommended.


Certified K-9FTO’s need to understand and appreciate the gravity of the training, instruction and mentorship they are expected provide to the inexperienced trainee. Additionally, the certified Instructors should possess a ‘big-picture’ understanding of the fine line between active law enforcement K-9 teams and the potential for civil liability.

The K-9FTO should arrive at work each day and train with exuberance, patience and an understanding that effective K-9 handling takes a significant amount of time to master, and the instructor should teach in a courteous, professional and encouraging manner.

All K-9FTO’s that are certified through the law enforcement portal are expected to continue to represent themselves, their agency and the K-9FTO program with pride, integrity and within the ethical guidelines set forth in the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.


The initial course fee is $1499.00, which includes the most current K-9 related legal updates, articles and trainings.

All Certified K-9FTO will receive Certificate of Completion, The K-9FTO Course Manual, and the Certified K-9FTO Field Training Officer Insignia Patch.

K-9FTO Field Training Officer 02/08/2017