K-9 Operations and the Law

K-9 Operations and the Law

• A MUST HAVE for ALL K9 Handlers, K9 Trainers, Instructors & K9 Supervisors
• No Travel or Added Expenses
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• Certificate of Completion for 8 hours of K9 Operations and the Law
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Course Objectives and Features

Not simply a legal update session, this course takes a dynamic approach to educating police canine handlers, trainers and supervisors on current criminal and civil laws which govern the performance of their duties. K9 legalities, both case law and statutory law, are in constant evolution. In addition to officer safety issues, that law evolution may cause changes in our K9 Tactics and Operations.

Representative Topics Covered

• 4TH Amendment Overview
• K-9 Vehicle Sniffs
• Tracking Evidence
• Use of Force in Deployment of K9
• K-9 Pre-Deployment Warnings
• K-9 Record Keeping and Report Writing K-9 In the Era of Marijuana Legalization
• Avoiding and Defending the Civil Lawsuit Fair Labor Standards Act
• Supervisory Liability
• K-9 Certification Standards
• K-9 Failure to Train Issues
• Mutual Aid Agreements Involving K-9
• K-9, Community Relations and The Law

Length of Online Course: Designed to be 8 hours of Training

Certificate of Completion 8 hours of Training

Cost: $149.00

Course Author: John M. Peters

Training & Experience: 40 years experience as a practicing attorney in police litigation and appeals.


K-9 Operations and the Law
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Please complete the enrollment agreement to enroll in the K-9 Operations and the Law.  Paying the enrollment tuition will reserve your place in the program, as your references and other criteria are being confirmed.

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The initial course fee is $149.00, which includes the most current K-9 related legal updates, articles and trainings.

After completion of K-9 Operations and the Law, you will receive Certificate of Completion and access to download the K-9 Operations and the Law Manual.

K-9 Operations and the Law 02/08/2017